Looking For A Summer Holiday On A Budget? Try Spain

For many years, Spain has been a great destination for a summer holiday. The combination of great beaches, fantastic weather and the marvellous local food has long enticed holiday makers from Britain as well as further afield. Another great benefit for British sun-seekers is the fact that many of the tourist areas of Spain have many English speakers, removing much of the language barrier.

These days, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, the nature of the Spanish economy and the reliance it has on the tourist trade has made it a great destination to get a fantastic deal on your holiday. CNN has listed Spain alongside Greece as a European destination whose money troubles have led to tourists staying away from the area, which in turn has seen prices tumble.

What to do when in Spain

It is possible to have a perfectly pleasant Spanish holiday without really leaving the hotel or resort centre and whilst many people do so, it can be seen as a bit of a waste. If you’re going to visit a country, at least some of the time should be spent taking in some of the culture and enjoying the sights unique to the area. Spain is famed for its fiestas and no holiday is complete without experiencing one. A fiesta can see even the smallest and sleepiest town turn into a massive party, with food, dancing and masses of sangria. In addition to the more quirky festivities surrounding tomato throwing and bull running, some of the best fiestas surround the big Christian feast days such as Christmas and Easter.

Taking in some local food

One of the things that Spain is famed for is its local cuisine. From the social eating experience of shared tapas to the Spanish national favourite of paella, Spanish food has excited and tempted many a taste bud over the years. My parents took me on a series of Spanish holidays in my youth and one of the overwhelming memories that remains to this day is that of a huge pan of paella served up at a tiny village’s fiesta that we attended. Whilst the name of the village is lost in the mists of time, the sight of everyone in attendance sharing this giant pan of rice, fish and chicken will live long in the memory.

Take a Hike

Check out the scenery of Spain, holidays away from the beautiful beaches¬†can reward the adventurous. Hiking in Spain can take you up some fantastic hills or even mountains depending on how fit you are. Whilst the hills and mountains won’t provide much shade from the heat of the day during a summer holiday, the National Parks dotted around the country will provide great spots for a cool and shady picnic.

Enjoy the architecture

Fans of architecture will have an awful lot to enjoy during a Spanish holiday. From the Gaudi designed buildings of Barcelona to the Islamic legacy present in the southern Spanish cities. Granada and Cordoba are also places to see some fantastic buildings and sights.

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