north & south pole expeditions

dog sledding



challenge your limits


arctic adventure


tracking wolves & bears


Push yourself to the limit & discover a world of new challenges with our special pole expeditions.


Handle a team of huskies through some of the most exceptional Arctic terrain.


A rare opportunity to join scientists monitoring mammals in the wild.


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new experiences

charity challenge

Pushing the limits


new travel itineraries


Cure Leukaemia


Antarctic challenge


Check out the latest additions to our travel itineraries, including conservation in Borneo, trekking in Bhutan and winter multi-activities in Canada.


We have three new challenges for CL. Check out your options here.


Managing Director of Voyage, Jason De Carteret, smashes World Record at South Pole.


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The Americas


The Arctic


explore magestic africa


a vast choice


on top of the world


From conservation in the deserts of Namibia to safari in South Africa and luxury honeymoon lodges in Tanzania, Africa offers a range of experiences.


Choose from the history and culture of South and Central America or the incredible landscapes of Canada.


This cold environment can offer some of the most exhilarating experiences available.


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Europe & middle east

the poles


wonders of the world


A different perspective


the ultimate challenge


From man-made wonders such as the Great Wall, to the magical mountains of Nepal and Bhutan, there's something for everyone in Asia.


Flying high in Russia, or going back in time to Petra, the choice is yours.


The Poles are the ultimate goal for any explorer, but you can also travel in a little more comfort!


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